Media Celebrates Viral Donald Trump Death Threat Video

Media Celebrates Viral Donald Trump Death Threat Video

A viral rap video in which a group of black teens armed with weapons threaten to kill Donald Trump is being celebrated by several media outlets.

The lyrics to the song, entitled “F*ck Trump Anthem,” contain a number of violent threats towards the presidential candidate, including a vow to cave Trump’s head in with a shovel and a promise that if he visits Baltimore, Trump will “die”.

One of the lines in the rap also talks about filling Trump with hollow point bullets.

“We got a choppa in the trunk for Donald Trump,” the teens sing in the chorus. Choppa is a slang word for an AK-47.

The main protagonist behind the song is Abdel Ibrahim, a Sudanese Muslim who includes the phrase “All praise be to Allah” on his Twitter profile.

The video has been posted on YouTube for days and isn’t even age-restricted, but what’s most shocking is that several media outlets have given the video positive news coverage. reported that the track was a powerful “viral protest song,” noting that it landed a “barrage of verbal blows on Trump”.

A Baltimore Sun write-up of the video characterizes it as a humorous jape, saying it has a “schoolyard-insults spirit,” while giving Ibrahim a platform to claim “We didn’t mean no harm by it”.

According to a Twitter user, the song is even being played on the radio in South Jersey.

One suspects that if a group of white rednecks had released a song in which they threatened to kill Hillary Clinton, media coverage wouldn’t have been very complimentary.

The entire issue once again highlights how the media is blaming Donald Trump for “inciting violence” while Trump himself faces a deluge of actual death threats on a daily basis.

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