Millennials Drive YouTube Viewing in Germany

Millennials Drive YouTube Viewing in Germany

Given their engagement with all things digital, it’s no surprise that Germany’s millennials are the biggest fans of YouTube. Fully 40% of web users ages 18 to 29 visited the platform at least once a day, according to a recent report, “VoD usage in Germany,” based on an online survey by Goldmedia. By contrast, only 16% of 30- to 49-year-olds said they checked in to the video service daily.

In fact, nearly three in 10 of those younger millennials said they used YouTube several times each day, compared with 10% of respondents ages 30 to 49 and only 5% of those 50 and older. Looking at weekly usage, though, researchers found 52% of all adults watched videos on the site at least once.

Males in Germany were more likely than females to be heavy YouTube users; 48% of men in all age groups watched YouTube content at least several times each week, compared with 36% of women, the study found. In fact, 15% of women polled said they never watched videos on the site, more than double the 7% of men who were non-users.

Children, too, are getting the YouTube habit. When Goldmedia asked parents of kids ages 6 to 12 about their online viewing, 56% said their children had watched YouTube videos.

While YouTube is known chiefly for its free content, it increasingly competes with paid services for video viewers’ attention. According to Goldmedia, 40% of men and 30% of women in Germany subscribed to at least one video-on-demand provider at the time of polling. Amazon Prime Instant Video was the most popular, used by 14% of men and 9% of women; no other service could boast a double-figure reach. Interestingly, US-based Netflix, which launched in Germany in September 2014, was twice as popular among women as among men—but registered only 3% penetration overall.

These Goldmedia results are in line with December 2014 data from RBC Capital Markets. It reported that 58% of internet users in Germany had watched YouTube in the preceding 12 months, while Amazon’s subscription video offering ranked second, with 12% penetration. Just 4% had watched Netflix—though that was hardly a bad showing for a service that debuted just three months prior.

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