Mistakes To Avoid In Your Video Marketing

Mistakes To Avoid In Your Video Marketing

One of the best ways to capture interest is video. Look around at all the people watching something on their phones! Who knew that one day we could do that? But those videos that folks are watching usually are not like this:

  • Infomercial-style
  • Uninteresting to the targeted audience
  • Lots of jargon
  • Variable volume
  • Hard to see on a small screen
  • Poor quality

How Do We Avoid These Mistakes?

First, focus on quality rather than quantity. It is far better to produce one high-quality video that appeals to your targeted demographic than a whole bunch of poorly produced clips that nobody wants to see.

That means research–to find out what your audience wants to watch and how they like to see it. Every demographic has a preferred style of video, and many times they do overlap. There have been a number of video marketing posts with helpful links on this blog. Knowing your customer is foundational to every marketing message.

Next, make sure that the video is actually going to be viewable – and that means all the technology has to be correct from production to viewing format. The clip itself must be clear and easy to understand, for instance. Don’t you hate when you can’t hear what is being said, turn up the volume, and then get blasted in the next segment? Don’t do it to your viewers. Work on the filming until lighting, volume, camera angle, etc. enhance your message.

The message must be well-written. Unless you are filming an interview with experts who have spoken about the topic so many times they have it down, a script is a good idea. This keeps the “uh” and “ummmm” fillers from taking over. It’s also a good idea to offer transcripts of anything like an interview or presentation. If industry jargon is used, make sure links to a glossary page are obvious for the uninitiated. Most of the time, those who want to watch a video aren’t sure what you are talking about, so less jargon is usually the best because it is more inclusive.

Some would disagree with calling infomercial-style videos a mistake, but if you are in that group, make sure your audience actually responds to that style. I’d be interested in seeing an A/B test on that. An unofficial survey puts the majority of folks against it. As for technology, the format your video is filmed & presented in will determine how well it can be viewed on various devices. This is changing all the time and only those in the field will stay on top of the subject. I trust experts to advise me in areas I don’t have time to be an expert in myself.

What do you think? Do you have any advice for those ready to try video marketing?


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