Mobile Video Views Jump 100% YoY In Q1 2015, Up 367% Since 2013

Mobile Video Views Jump 100% YoY In Q1 2015, Up 367% Since 2013 [Report]

After doubling year-over-year numbers in Q4 2014, mobile video views are continuing to rise at a staggering speed according to the latest report from video advertising platform Ooyala.Using online video metrics from its more than 500 customers to measure online video plays and video advertising growth, Ooyala found mobile video consumption has jumped 100 percent year-over-year between the Q1 2014 and the first quarter of this year, and are up more than 360 percent year-over-year since 2013.

Ooyala’s data showed smartphones are the primary driver for the growth, with mobile video plays on smartphones happening four-times more often than video plays on tablets.

In Q4 2013, smartphone plays outpaced tablet plays by nearly two to one. During the first quarter of 2015, that ration increased to more than four to one, with 34 percent of all plays occurring on smartphones, with only eight percent on tablets.

Ooyala says mobile video consumption is on its way to exceeding 50 percent of all online video plays by Q3 of 2015.

Tablet and Smarthphone Video Growth from 2013 to 2015

Ooyala also analyzed what type of devices are being used most often to view long-form video content (videos 10 minutes in length or longer) compared to videos that run 10-minutes or less.

The data revealed that 59 percent of long-form content is viewed on tablets, ahead of connected TVs at 43 percent, mobile phones at 37 percent and PCs at 35 percent.

PCs owned the highest percentage of viewing time for shorter content at 65 percent, beating out smartphones, connected TVs and tablets.

“For content up to 10 minutes in length, once the domain of mobile phone snackers, PCs surprisingly had the highest percentage of viewing time spent in Q1, 65 percent, closely followed by mobile phones (63%), connected TVs (57%) and tablets (41%),” reports Ooyala.

Share of Time Watched by Device and Video Length

Video Advertising Trends

Ooyala’s report looked at video advertising trends as well, noting its numbers for video ad impressions, fill rates and completion rates were based primarily on European stats.

According to the data, PCs still lead on all video advertising fronts, delivering the highest number of ad impressions, fill rates, and completion rates.

“Nearly 90 percent of all ads started on PCs for broadcasters are completed, with 89 percent for tablets and 79 percent for mobile devices,” claims Ooyala.

Q1 2015 Video Advertising Completion Rates

Going on “Deal ID transactions” (an identifier used to facilitate programmatic private marketplace ad buys), Ooyala says programmatic trading platform usage by broadcasters and publishers grew 79 percent between January and March of this year, with real-time bidding impressions up 150 percent during the same time period.

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