Mobile vs. PCs: Where Are Video Ads More Annoying?

Mobile vs. PCs: Where Are Video Ads More Annoying?

eMarketer estimates that this year, digital video ad spending in the US will rise 33.8% to total $7.77 billion, or 13.3% of total digital ad spending. At the same time, mobile video ad spend will soar 70.4% to reach $2.62 billion. By 2019, digital video ad dollars will reach $14.38 billion, and $6.86 billion of those will be spent on mobile. Based on recent research, those placements stand a good chance at sticking in consumers’ minds—but that may not always be a good thing.

When Q1 2015 polling by Aol queried US internet users ages 13 to 54 who watched video on a mobile device at least monthly about ad recall, more than eight in 10 remembered digital video placements on each option listed: 84% recalled those on tablets, 83% on smartphones and 82% on PCs.

However, recall may not always be a positive thing; advertisers risk annoying viewers as well, and further responses indicated that this was more true for mobile devices than desktops and laptops. When Aol asked mobile video viewers about their attitudes toward digital video ads, three-quarters of respondents complained that they saw the same ads over and over again on smartphones, and a close 73% said the same about tablets. In comparison, fewer than two-thirds saw two placements played repeatedly on PCs.

Respondents were also more likely to agree that there were too many ads played during most videos on smartphones than on tablets and PCs. And given smartphone video viewers’ preference for shorter content, it makes sense that 45% of respondents complained that the length of ads on smartphones were too long for the video, vs. 38% who said so about tablets and 33% about PCs.

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