Mosh is a Simple Web App for Glitching Your Photos

Mosh is a Simple Web App for Glitching Your Photos

Web developer Felix Turner has created an interesting new browser-based app called Mosh that can apply a large number of “glitch” effects to your photographs.

The landing page of the app is simple: you can provide a photo either by uploading one or by taking a new one with your webcam.

Once your image is loaded, you can apply any one of 21 different effects.

Multiple effects can also be combined for creative remixes. Many effects also have parameters you can adjust for custom tweaking. Not sure what you want? Press space bar to have a completely random set of adjustments made on your image for a fun surprise.

Here are some sample images created in Mosh using the famous photo “The Tetons and the Snake River” by Ansel Adams:

Head on over to the Mosh website if you’d like to give it a shot.

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