How much did that video cost?

How much did that video cost?

So, the big question, ‘’

The way in which the storyboard was created, the costs could realistically be substantially higher or lower than what I have predicted, and these are a few of my presumptions:

1)     All crew and actors used are local, so therefore there is no travel or extra lodging involved to augment costs.

2)     The car and bathroom scenes were shot on a location that did not incur any extra costs either.

I contemplated a detailed breakdown, but in the end, I believe a more generic one can sometimes be more effective to see where most of the money was probably spent on Schick’s latest masterpiece. The three areas of production are as follows:

PREP (5 days)

  • Script = $2,000
  • Director = $2,500
  • Camera & Crew = $5,500

SHOOT (2 days at a push)

  • Director = $1600
  • Camera Department & Gear = $4,800
  • Crew = $1,600
  • Sound Mix & Gear = $2,600
  • Actors & Costumes= $12,600
  • Location = $5,000
  • Food = $1,500
  • Props = $500


  • Editor & Suite = $2,000
  • Post Audio = $1,000
  • Music License = $1,000

TOTAL = $46,000 (with around a 5% contingency)

Once again, this is just my guess as the total cost of the production could have been far more had the director felt it necessary to use more costly camera gear.  The crew would have had to be pushed to get this done in two days as ideally it would have been shot in three.

The beauty of today’s technology is that a camera no longer costs $250,000 to simply film in broadcast quality HD as DSLRs at 1% of that cost can produce just as impressive results under the right circumstances.

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