The All You Need Guide to Video Codecs and Compression

The All You Need Guide to Video Codecs and Compression [Video]

To an outsider, video codecs can seem almost impossible to understand. But, in reality, the main concepts behind programs or devices aren’t so convoluted, particularly when an expert takes the time to break the meanings down for the video creator. Filmmaker David Kong has created an excellent video tutorial that does just that. He goes into detail about the different types of codecs, containers and compressions, and gives the viewer examples in action. Among the topics covered are:

  • What a codec is – and the difference between a codec and a container
  • The different types of codecs
  • The difference between Raw, compressed, and uncompressed video
  • How to calculate bit rates
  • The main differences between kbps/kBps/Mbps/MBps.
  • Bit Depth – What it means and why it matters.
  • Spatial Compression and Blocking
  • Temporal Compression
  • How image compression differs from data compression

You can watch the full video below. It runs for just over 43 minutes but you should emerge at the other end with a broader knowledge of this crucial aspect of video production.

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