Neon Indian “Polish Girl”

By: Magnetic Creative

In the dismal future, we’ll all be affixed to our respective wires and screens, dreaming about being virtually with the one that you love.

Dot & Effects was responsible for all aspects of Post-Production including; Projections, Editorial , Color, Visual Effects & Animation

Production Credits:
Music video for “Polish Girl” by Neon Indian

Tim Nackashi – Director
Asher Brown – Executive Producer
Jamie Kohn Rabineau – Co-Executive Producer
Erica Sterne – Producer
Kevin Phillips – Director of Photography
Simon & Nicki Haas – Production Design
Stella Berkofsky – Stylist
Garyl Jones – Make-up Artist
Editor – Mandy Brown
VFX by Dot & Effects
VFX Supervisor Jeff Dotson
VFX Producer Alex Valentine
VFX Artist: Brandon Lilly
Starring – Blake Brent (Humanoid) & Dawn Batson (Dream Girl)

"Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser"

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