Netflix Spoofs Old-School Educational Films in This Epic Spot on How a Proper ‘Lady’ Acts

Netflix Spoofs Old-School Educational Films in This Epic Spot on How a Proper ‘Lady’ Acts

‘Rules for the Modern Woman’ has a brilliant twist

Netflix’s mock educational video is Joan’s first work since it launched in May. Netflix

If you watched the Emmy’s Sunday night you probably saw Netflix’s “She Rules” spot, which featured some of the most powerful female characters on Netflix shows.

You may, however, have missed an epic extension of the #SheRules campaign posted on Netflix’s Twitter account that same evening addressing how a proper woman should act in today’s society, especially in the presence of a man.

“Female Education Series: Rules for the Modern Woman,” creative agency Joan’s first campaign since it launched in May, is created in the style of an old-school educational video—yes, like the ones teachers would use projectors to show students back in the day to teach them about dating, manners and how to be the perfect homemaker for your hubby.

It’s got everything you would expect, including classical music playing in the background, the sound of a projector crackling and highly outdated notions about how proper ladies act.

But, as you can imagine, there’s an absolutely incredible twist.

The narration is juxtaposed brilliantly with clips from different Netflix series featuring some incredible female characters. As the highly proper narrator tells viewers that “a lady serves her house guests the finest in her pantry,” we see a shot of Piper Chapman from Orange Is the New Black unwrapping an English muffin sandwiched around a tampon. And when it comes to mastering conversations, Claire Underwood from House of Cards clearly knows the proper, ladylike way to conduct a conversation—she speaks to a man from a bathroom stall with her pants down.

While the notions of proper womanhood seem laughable in a modern context, like the fact that a woman should “never forget her place” and always mind her manners if she wants to live a happy and successful life, the video does a nice job of reminding us that there are still a plenty of ridiculous expectations of women today.

So, next time you’re looking for some inspiration on what it means to be a modern woman, take a cue from some of the inspiring Netflix characters like the badass Eleven from Stranger Things or quirky Kimmy Schmidt who don’t care what you think of them. Just do you.

Client: Netflix
Title: Rules For The Modern Woman
Agency: Joan
Chief Creative Officer. Co-Founder: Jaime Robinson
Art Director: Marques Gartrell
Executive Producer: Sherri Levy
Production Coordinator: Lauren Teng
Edit house: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Editor: Parker Whipple
Assistant: Tania Mesta
Producer: Jenny Greenfield
After Effects: Harry Truman
Music: Ring the Alarm

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