New Apple TV Reportedly Slated for September Debut

New Apple TV Reportedly Slated for September Debut


According to multiple reports—including Buzzfeed—Apple will be releasing a new version of their streaming device, Apple TV, in September. Apple TV

It’s been roughly three and a half years since we’ve seen a new generation of the Apple TV, as the third generation version was released in March 2012. During that time, rival Google released its Chromecast device at a competitive $35.00 as opposed to Apple’s $99.00, but according to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, the technology conglomerate has sold 25 million Apple TVs to date, so I’d say things are going pretty well for Apple.

The new Apple TV is expected to be introduced at the company’s annual Fall event, which is when new iPhones are typically unveiled. So what’s new?

What to Expect from the New Apple TV

For one, a sleeker design will be coming to the new Apple TV, which will be equipped with the A8 chip, to which Apple is currently utilizing in the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the iPod Touch 6th Generation. It’s also reported that the device will be accompanied with a new, thicker remote that will feature touch pad functionality—think of it as being similar to the Apple Magic Mouse. The new Apple TV will also come with more storage, the Beats Music channel, and a new operating system that will feature everyone’s favorite personal assistant, Siri.

What remains to be uncovered is whether Apple will accompany the device with some sort of streaming service that would feature network channels or live TV, or if we’ll be stuck with the usual Netflix and Hulu, like every other streaming device has. One glimmer of hope here is the fact that Apple does wants to deliver live TV to its streaming device and has reportedly had talks with cable companies in the past, but there doesn’t seem to be anything on the horizon, or at least anything that’s known to insiders in the tech industry.

One improvement I’d like to see made to the new generation is improved stability when mirroring other Apple devices to the Apple TV. Whether I’m at home on my couch trying mirror a YouTube video or at my agency trying to debut a marketing strategy to my team, it’s almost guaranteed that my screen will crash off of the Apple TV within minutes… Super frustrating, bro.

So while it’s definitely time for a new generation of the Apple TV, I don’t think it’s a complete victory for Apple unless they can integrate a cable partnership to deliver live TV and fix the issue of sketchy mirroring and streaming to the device.

We’ll be sure to update you once the new generation has been released and give a rundown of all the new features, but in the meantime, hit me up on Twitter @Pete_Schauer and let me know your thoughts on the new Apple TV.

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