New ‘Let It Be’ videos, others pop up suddenly on Beatles YouTube channel

New ‘Let It Be’ videos, others pop up suddenly on Beatles YouTube channel

Over a dozen assorted new superb quality videos by The Beatles, including several from the movie “Let It Be” which has yet to appear on DVD, plus “Help!” and other projects, popped up suddenly on the Beatles’ official YouTube channel on the morning of May 15. Could “Let It Be” be finally on the way on DVD?

The videos from “Let It Be” were clips of “I Me Mine,” “Don’t Let Me Down” “I’ve Got a Feeling” and “Let It Be.” You can see “I’ve Got a Feeling” on this page. None of these clips are complete and range from about 30 seconds to the longest, for “I Me Mine” at 1:08. But the quality of each is absolutely superb. Could a DVD of the film could finally be in the works? Fans, judging from past comments, certainly hope so.

Other videos new to the YouTube channel today were from the movie “Help!,” and included interviews with those outside the Beatles, including director Richard Lester, who were involved with the film, two on the making of the film and a 30-second film trailer. “The Making of Help!” features some rare footage taken during the filming. Also put up online was a promo video for “The U.S. Albums” box set and a short clip of audio from the Beatles’ 1964 press conference at JFK Airport in New York the day the Beatles arrived in the U.S.

In all likelihood, these may not mean anything at all and there was no comment at press time from Capitol Records/UMG on the new videos. But the desire for a release of “Let It Be” on DVD and the speculation of whether one is coming will certainly be revived by them. Only time will tell — again — if anything is about to happen.

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