New Research: How TV and Online Work Together for Optimal Reach

TV and online video have often been depicted as being in “platform wars” against each other.

Despite the emergence of several new screens over the last few years, television continues to be the most effective way for advertisers to reach an audience at scale. Yet, as viewing habits evolve and more quality content becomes available online, advertisers should consider how to connect with their consumers outside of the confines of the traditional living room.

Historically, marketers have faced a number of hurdles on how to successfully evaluate TV and online video. First off, it can be difficult to identify and target an incremental audience online. Secondly, digital screens have yet to see the meaningful scale that television has reliably provided advertisers and, up until recently, consumer access to broadcast-quality premium content online was very limited. Lastly, from a measurement standpoint, the industry has lacked a consistent methodology standard to measure audiences across platforms, devices and screens.

At Microsoft, we truly believe that TV and digital video can work in concert together to surround the consumer with the best of sight, sound and motion across all screens.

Microsoft, in conjunction with several key advertising partners, commissioned Nielsen to conduct research examining how TV and online video advertising can work together to achieve optimal reach, frequency and GRP metrics. After more than a year spent on research and analysis, we’ve uncovered five practical insights that intend to help brands better understand how digital video campaigns can complement standard TV campaign:

With these findings, we believe we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface with developing cross-screen benchmarks and standards for TV and online video. Microsoft is committed to finding new ways to ensure all video screens work together in concert to achieve marketer’s goals. We hope that these findings advance the cross-screen conversation and the advertising industry’s greater knowledge of TV + Digital Video. After all, it doesn’t have to be a platform war.

For more information on this study and even more insights, please visit our entire library of research here.

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David Porter, Global Strategy Lead – Video, Microsoft

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