NEW – Top Video Creator Rankings Across Social Video Platforms: May 2015

Online video continues to grow like wildfire across the major social video platforms both in terms of views and engagement, with over 2 million creators publishing content every month – to multiple video sites.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way that the industry could track and highlight top video talent – across all the major social video platforms, including YouTube?

Today, our parent company Tubular has launched new monthly ranking reports that measure for the very first time – the most-watched online video creators across all the major social video platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc.). At ReelSEO, we plan to publish these ranking reports each month and we will attempt to take a deeper look into what video marketers and brands can learn from the top global online video creators and how brands can benefit from working with the most successful independent creators in their industry.

The Video Creator Rankings are out for May 2015, so let’s take a look at which creators generated the most views and engagement across the main social video sites. For this post, we’ll also take a look at which channels really shone on YouTube in particular.

Top Video Creators Across Platforms: May 2015

Buzzfeed Video tops the list of the most-watched creator across the main social video platforms last month. The on-trend publishing giant generated an incredible 859 million video views in May; 62% of which took place on Facebook (536 million views), and 38% via YouTube (323 million views). On Facebook, Buzzfeed Video’s top video for May was ‘This Man Found His Soulmate In A Puppy And It’s Adorable‘ which attracted 58 million views, and 2.3 million engagements.

Lifestyle community brand Vlechten Met Daan takes second place with a combined 732 million views, mainly via Facebook, while Brazilian music portal Acervo Arrocha notched up an impressive 627 million views, again mainly on Facebook, due to its prolific native video upload strategy.

Although it has half the video views of Buzzfeed Video, WWE generated the most engagement of any channel in the top 10.

Interestingly, two of the top channels dedicated to children, FunToyzCollector [Tubular Creator ProfilesView Creator Profile], and Baby Big Mouth, have almost ludicrously low levels of engagement (likes, shares, comments etc) given their enormous viewing numbers. This could be for a number of reasons, but for FunToyzCollector, the fact that it has turned the comment feature off, and it hides its channel stats so we can’t see the amount of likes/dislikes each video receives doesn’t help. You can’t drive high engagement if you don’t encourage it in any way.

Also, the audience for both channels, particularly Baby Big Mouth [Tubular Creator ProfilesView Creator Profile], is very, very young and while the content is ideal to plonk a child down in front of for an hour or so (no judgement), those children are highly unlikely to interact with the channel in any constructive way. Still, both channels are monetized and are generating the views needed to make a decent living from online-video, so we doubt they are losing sleep over this metric.

Top 10 Most Watched Creators - Social Video Platform Rankings May 2015 Tubular

Note: Some of the rankings have been curated to provide the most accurate information for creators, brands, and marketers (e.g. excluding content aggregators).

Top YouTube Video Creator/Channel Rankings: May 2015

When it comes to YouTube, most of the same creators who shone across all social video platforms appear in the in the chart. Unboxing mastersFunToyzCollector take the #1 spot, with 449 million views. The channel picked up an extra 247K subscribers last month and they also top the Tubular Leaderboards for ‘Entertainment – Toys’ – beating 635K other YouTube channels.  The completely independent creators have no real presence on Facebook or any other social video platform (perhaps because they can’t so easily monetize them?), but continue to wipe the floor with other child-orientated channels on YouTube itself.

Big hitters Buzzfeed Video, PewDiePie [Tubular Creator ProfilesView Creator Profile], and WWE all attracted views in the millions last month, and 3 music channels, and 2 gaming channels made up half of the top 10 most viewed on the platform for May 2015.

The release of the much-hyped, and much-promoted ‘Bad Blood‘ track on May 17th pushed Taylor Swift’s VEVO channel [Tubular Creator ProfilesView Creator Profile] into 2nd place on the chart, accounting for around half of its total 418 million views. Taylor is a phenomenally successful artist, but we’re pretty sure ‘Bad Blood’ was responsible for a huge chunk of the extra 909K subscribers the channel attracted in May.

Tune in later this week for a rundown of the most-watched Facebook and Vine creators for May 2015, and how those creators fared on other social video platforms. Additional Top Video Creator Ranking Charts for May 2015 can be found at Tubular:

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Who was your favorite video creator on Facebook, YouTube, Vine, or Instagram last month? Did you take the time to like, comment on, or share their video as well as watch it? Let us know in the comments below.

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