New Video Reveals the Magic of Branding in 2 Minutes

New Video Reveals the Magic of Branding in 2 Minutes

For a subject like branding, I didn’t see this coming.I certainly didn’t see this going viral (though I secretly hoped it would, like anybody who buys a lottery ticket hopes their ticket is the winning one).

Yet, in 23 days after being uploaded to YouTube, this video was:

130,000+ Views in 23 Days

That averages to over 5,600 views per day, over 230 views per hour.


Besides that, the responses were remarkable and very emotional with people from around the world applauding the simple message and the stunningly minimalistic graphics.

  • “You could spent a thousand years reading a million books on the subject. Or you could watch the two-minute video below….”
  • “Great video on branding and what is the core thing that a great brand requires.”
  • “This is incredible on so many levels. Thank you.”
  •  “Great video, great explanation. Simple and creative. Love it.”
  • “Fantastic video, wow! The details, the simplicity, the connection from one element to the other. One word: Fantastic!”
  • “David it is well deserved for the world to see your talents. Congrats!”
  •  “Ever wondered what branding is? The minimalist motion graphics by Saar Oz helps to explain branding in its most fundamental form, and what goes into creating great branding that would spread like wildfire.”

Making the Complex Simple

More to the point was the inspiration: I had recently visited to search for books on “branding.” The result? Over 6,400 books!

That told me something was very, very wrong, because for a single subject to have that many books written, there had be something very fundamental that was not understood. I could understand a few hundred. Maybe even 1,000. But over 6,000? No.

My solution: write, narrate and commission a brilliant animator, Saar Oz, to help me visually capture the basic fundamental concept of branding.

Here is the video for you to view:

My sincerest thanks to Saar Oz who did a beautiful job of bringing to life the concepts and narrative.

Here are some stills:

  • All the while, exceeding 130,000 views in 23 days

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