NEW YouTube Creator Rankings – Top YouTube Channels for June 2015

NEW YouTube Creator Rankings – Top YouTube Channels for June 2015

With at least 300 hours worth of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, keeping track of the brands and creators who are generating real engagement on the platform month by month is vital to those in the online video marketing space. In June 2015 alone, videos uploaded to YouTube generated over 46.3 billion views, both organic and paid, in the ‘Most Watched Creators on YouTube’ leaderboard from Tubular, we bring you exclusive data into the channels generating the most views on the world’s biggest video site.

Most Watched: Top YouTube Channels June 2015

Gaming, sports, music, and unboxing channels were among the most-watched on YouTube last month, with pop superstar Taylor Swift generating 424 million views for her VEVO channel. It seems that everything this particular singer touches turns to gold, including her YouTube channel. She currently has just under 15 million subscribers, and her videos have generated a total of 5.6 billion views since May 2009.

Swedish YouTube superstar PewDiePie AKA Felix Kjellberg hit the headlines very recently with the news that he’d made an estimated $7.4 million from monetizing his YouTube gaming videos. With 314 million YouTube views in June 2015, adding to a lifetime total of 9,437,965,328, Kjellberg’s success on the video platform seems assured, for a little while longer at least. He may have generated slightly less views than May 2015, and dropped from fourth to eighth place, but his channel saw the highest rate of engagement of any of the branded creators featured in the top 10. He also picked up an extra 658K subscribers last month, bringing his total follower count to just under 39 million.

Up three places to #5 is another YouTube gaming superstar channel (and Maker stablemate of PewDiePie), TheDiamondMineCart which generated 327 million views last month. The most successful videos for the channel were ‘5 Secrets about DANTDM‘ with 9 million views, and this was a Jurassic World tie-in  with 8.1 million views:Tune in Every Month for the Most Up-to-Date Stats!

Each month ReelSEO will publish the most up-to-date leaderboard charts from Tubular, so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you’d like to check out May 2015 rankings, you can view those Tubular website:

On YouTube, Which Video Creator or Brand Stood Out for You in June?

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