New YouTube Real-time Stats Offer Minute-by-Minute Data

New YouTube Real-time Stats Offer Minute-by-Minute Data

YouTube Analytics is a goldmine for creators and marketers who want to understand how the content they have created is resonating with viewers and subscribers. For those of us who are in and out of the dashboard all day, the slight delay in reporting of some of the viewing stats has been a little frustrating but that’s now a thing of the past as YouTube has just rolled out a real-time section which is perfect for monitoring a big-time campaign, or just for keeping an eye on video engagement as you upload and promote via your social feeds.

YouTube Analytics Realtime Feature

Realtime was launched a few hours ago and you can find it in the Analytics section of your Video Manager.  Within the new feature, creators will be able to see real-time viewing figures for their last 5 published videos. There are two different data sets; a minute-by-minute look at the last hour, and then an hour-by-hour chart of the last 48 hours.YouTube also confirms that the Realtime option is also available per individual video, and by “real-time” they mean that the creator can expect a delay of only a few minutes between the view and its appearance in the dashboard.

A snapshot of the last video that ReelSEO published (3 YouTube Ratios to Measure your Success) shows 5 views in the last 60 minutes – which sounds about right as it’s the middle of the night in most of the U.S. (it would be good to drill down for the demographics on each view from this section), and an estimated 240 views in the past 48 hours. The view count below the actual video shows 235 views so there is a tiny discrepancy but that should even itself out later in the day.

Realtime Data Availability

YouTube has given creators a few options for analyzing the real-time data. They can do so by:

  • Channel: The last 5 published videos. The vertical view count axis is aligned for all videos on one page to make comparisons easier.
  • Content Owner: The last 5 published videos of channels belonging to the content owner. In order to see real-time data, content owners must select the “All partner uploaded” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Groups: If a video group contains 5 or less videos, real-time data for each video is shown.

YouTube creators have been asking for more immediate data, and Google has plans to release additional real-time features in the future.

How to Use the New Real-time YouTube Report

Real time data is going to prove invaluable if used in conjunction with social media monitoring. If you are releasing a video as part of a wider social campaign, you should be able to see the impact that the roll-out is having. You can’t drill down into each of the views that you see in Realtime (but it’s coming, right YouTube?) but if you stagger distribution across Facebook, Twitter, your own blog etc, then you should get some idea of which social channel brings you the most views.

Also if you have video content that viewers turn to for information regarding tent-pole events or breaking news, or current or seasonal affairs, then keep an eye on the traffic you are generating in these circumstances.

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