Ok: so this video by W+K for Nike is certainly cool. For one, it’s soccer. For two, it’s Andres Iniesta from FC Barcelona. For three, it was shot with a 6-video-camera 360-spherical rig, introduced by director Scott Lyon.

But the thing that impressed me the most is actually the sound. Put some headphones on if you can… They nailed the audio. I’ve learned that was recorded bi-aurally… a system I’m told where the audio capture source is picked up and moved to multiple locations during filming, and then elements are mixed together in studio after the shoot. I don’t know much about this system, but if there are any audiophiles out there – do share with us.

Audio has always been a huge factor for big studio productions, but more and more it’s becoming recognized by the new generation of filmmakers (HdDSLR people mostly…) as a means to set apart their productions. Music, scoring, voice over, on location… so many opportunities to succeed–and to blow it.

Regardless this audio is dope. Audio is the new video. Audio is the new black.

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