No industry is boring: how creative video can liven up the dullest topic

No industry is boring: how creative video can liven up the dullest topic

Not every industry is exciting. And if you’re trying to promote a not-particularly-thrilling topic in a crowded market, it can be difficult to see how to make your audiences sit up and pay attention.

But just because you have a topic that some people might think is boring, doesn’t make you a lost cause when it comes to video content. Even the dullest of industries can sound exciting when presented in the right way. There isn’t an exact correlation between an exciting product and a great video. Some of the best videos are for seemingly mundane products or services.

Turn it into a story

Everyone loves a good story. The fact of the matter is people will always be attracted to a story, even if it’s revolving around a boring subject. Case in point, insurance companies regularly use mascots and little characters they created in their adverts. They realized nobody responded to a man in a suit talking about insurance. Instead, they create stories with fun or emotionally relatable characters, and thus people start to take notice. Take for example, the recent film for Hiscox.

Metaphorical stories are also very effective, taking the ethos and values of the brand and promoting those, rather than the service itself. HSBC have become very good at this kind of storytelling, putting potential costumers in the shoes of those they’ve already helped through intimate and playful films.

Be Helpful

Boring industries aren’t boring to those who actually need the information. Use this principle in everything you create. If a video isn’t appealing to the heart or funny bones, ensure it is designed to help someone.

This is where proper research becomes useful. If you know what your target audience needs help with, or information that just isn’t coming across well via text, find a way to convert it into an informative film. If you want proof of how well video can convey seemingly dull information, just think about how far in-flight safety videos have come in the last few years. From animation to live-action comedy, think of the possibilities.

Boring sometimes means confusing

A mistake many business owners can make is to assume that the general public understand the industry more than they actually do. Video can be a fantastic way of cutting through any misinformation and making sure your customers understand the sector and the way the business is run. You could go down the more traditional information film route, such as this video for Network Rail designed to inform workmen on technical terms.

Or, a more engaging route, such as the recent series of videos for McDonalds designed to reassure customers about food sources and safety. They knew there was a problem on customer understanding, and no matter how many times they publish information online, nothing quite sells an audience as well as a well-made film.

Hire a professional

The sure-fire way to find a video-based way of selling your brand, no matter how uninteresting it may seem, is to hire a professional. Creatives at agencies and production companies can present a wide variety of options on how to sell your brand using video and create new business. If you’d like more information, contact MWP and we’ll talk you through the best video opportunities for your company.

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