Not Getting Enough Views On Your Videos – What Are You Doing Wrong?


Not Getting Enough Views On Your Videos – What Are You Doing Wrong?

The number of bran

ds that use video content marketing strategy has definitely increased. According to Cisco, by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic(1).So, when you are making video content in order to promote your company, its services or products, it’s very important,  first of all,  to make quality video content that can engage the audience. But is that enough? What if you have a good story, great video, but people aren’t watching it? Your effort will not pay off if you don’t pay attention to the following common mistakes that content marketers make:

1. Your video cannot be found easily
You need to optimize your lead so that the audience can find it. Because if they don’t know yet about your brand, you have to tie your lead to something that people are interested about, and you will do that by using keyword research.

2. Your video is all about selling your product
When making your video, make sure that it’s not only trying to sell your product, but that it’s informative and interesting to the viewers. You need to tell a story that will benefit the viewers and be about them, not you.

 3. You haven’t posted your video on social network
Social networks are becoming a very important part of any marketing campaign, people are spending a lot of their free time on it so companies are using it to promote their products or activities in a more casual manner. And we all know that the most  effective way to communicate with your customers is using direct communication. We offer to help you with that; with our free online video platform sharing your videos is just a couple of clicks away.

4. Your video is too long
When making your video, take into consideration that it needs to be effective, not boring and that people usually don’t have time to watch the whole video. According to research by Visible Measures,  20% of your viewers will click away from the video in 10 seconds or less. And it doesn’t get a lot better than that. You’ll lose about 1/3 of your viewers by 30 seconds (2). So you need to make your point at the beginning of the video, and not make it too long.

 5. You don’t have a fanbase
Every serious company must have true fans, who will follow your activities, watch your content, comment on it, share it.. That takes time, and dedication. You get fan base by updating your blog with quality content, being active in  social networks, responding to their post regularly, attracting them in many ways.

For example, using our video platform, one of the ways to attract your customers even more is to choose between several professional player skins we offer for video player and make the visual experience unique and special.

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