All the Online Video Stats You Need, in an Online Video!

All the Online Video Stats You Need, in an Online Video!

Sometimes it is easiest to express something in video. Many eyes glaze over when presented with charts and rows of numbers from research and analyis. If you happen to fall into that category or you know someone who really needs to understand the value of online video but hates tables and charts, we have found just the thing for you, a video about the rise of online video.

Shutterstock took the comScore online video numbers for January and turned them into a series of online videos which highlighted the important information that everyone in online video, and those thinking of advertising or marketing with online video should know. They did this for several specific markets including the US, Germany, France and Brazil.

(Just ignore the statement where they talk about petaflops of information, as we all know petaflop is a measure of computer processing speed and not data transmission).

I have to believe that since it’s Shutterstock putting out the video, they used stock footage for the majority of the videos, aside from maybe some of the graphs or charts.

So without further ado, here is the U.S. version of the Show Me Something online video statistics video.

As I already stated, they also made some international versions.




While those are some of the largest online video markets in the world I cannot help but wonder, whatever happened to the U.K. version or the Australian one? Those are other large online video markets that are big in online video advertising as well and tracked by comScore. It just makes sense that they would be included in something like this.

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