Patrick and I go to Las Vegas/shoot in a $15,000 per night penthouse

So here’s the story; Patrick and I had the idea for FStoppers and we knew that we had to create a bunch of videos to get others excited about creating their own. We had some free time and some money in the bank after a solid wedding season so we decided to go to Vegas. We did not do a good enough job planning anything. We had some ideas but we never really set anything in stone so by the time we got to Vegas we had a couple of models lined up but nothing else. We only brought 3 cameras, 3 lenses, and 3 flashes, and the flycam.

One night we go out with one of our model friends (Tatiana) in Vegas and she introduces us to some guys from NYC that happen to be staying in one of the most expensive rooms in all of Vegas. Long story short, these guys leave the next day but buy their room for one more night so that we can stay there and shoot in it the following day. Being able to stay and shoot in this amazing $15,000 per night room was the highlight of my trip. If the incredibly generous New Yorkers who bought us this room are reading this I want to thank you once again for this amazing opportunity. We really really owe you one.

Behind the scenes of our Las Vegas penthouse photo shoot from FStoppers on Vimeo.

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