Periscope Tips and Tricks for YouTubers

Periscope Tips and Tricks for YouTubers

Periscope live streaming application had announced by the micro blogging platform Twitter”, which breaks in to the app market as rival to the Meerkat application. It is compatible with the iOS platform on the mobile devices. The main advantage of the Periscope live streaming application with the Youtube video streaming was, the application was also available on the web to watch the online streams and can also embed the video link to your friends as there is an option to send them in a mail.

Even the Twitter posting is also a mandatory and the streams can also be watched after the live is a biggest asset. Even the availability of the private streams and the host cannot make his own comments and have an option to turnoff the comments also and it is available only on iPhones mobile with iOS system. Here are some simple trics and tips from periscope for your Youtube video streaming.

Get connected across the periscope with your Youtube audience

You can schedule the broadcasts on the periscope platform as there is an option to collaborate with the broadcasters on the application. Let your audience know about your live stream schedule. You can only link to your page whenever the periscope creation of vanity URL and profiles. Don’t forget to link your Twitter account along with the video descriptions on your Youtube platform header.

Let your audience know that you are on periscope and giving live

Include the tags and annotations on your videos to make your audience know about your live streaming on #Periscope. Add a URL for them to launch on periscope for your video streaming live.

Send the links and share

Periscope allows the live streaming hoist to share the video link after the live stream via emails. So, start an email campaign with your saved live stream on Periscope and embed the links through emails.

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