PewDiePie Topped YouTube Views in 2014 with 4.1 Billion


PewDiePie Topped YouTube Views in 2014 with 4.1 Billion


by William D’Angelo, posted 2 days ago/ 4,382 Views

PewDiePie was once again the most watched YouTube channel in 2014. His videos were watched 4.1 billion times and he hit 33.5 million subscribers. That is up from 20.9 million subscribers at the end of 2013.

The second most popular channel, DC Toys Collector, had more views than PewDiePie in the final three months of 2014 and reached 3.3 billion views in 2014. Katy Perry reached 2.4 billion views, Stampy had 2.2 billion views and The Diamond Minecart had 1.6 million views.

Music was the most searched term in 2014 on YouTube. Minecraft was the top searched gaming term, while PewDiePie was the only other gaming search that made it in top list.


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