Programmatic Video Marketplaces – The Next Big Thing

Programmatic Video Marketplaces – The Next Big Thing

The market for online video ads continues to grow rapidly as more advertisers shift their spending from TV to the web. Programmatic video is the fastest-growing category of programmatic buying, but a lot of marketers are still struggling to get to grips with the basics. Several platforms power today’s real-time approach to advertising, reaching 26 billion impressions each day across 700 million users from its own proprietary first-party products. The rise of programmatic technologies have created opportunities and challenges for every player in the marketing and media ecosystem. Businesses are restructuring, sales teams are evolving, and the knowledge and skill sets required for success have changed dramatically. But the technology is an enabler, not an end in itself. It should enable a more trustworthy supply chain, drive brand dollars into digital, and ultimately deliver creativity at scale.

Google unsurprisingly wants to own its share of this market. In order to court large brands who want to buy against premium online video content, the company launched its own programmatic ad exchange for video ads under the name Google Partner Select. Google is clearly aware of the focus on direct buying in the video ad world. As a part of Partner Select, the company is giving marketers and publishers the ability to also make direct, reservation-based sales through its platform. Google says this will simplify the buying process, which today can often include “days of back-and-forth negotiations, dozens of phone calls and sometimes, yes, a fax machine.”

But perhaps the greatest allure of programmatic video buying is that it promises to erase the lines between different screens, allowing buyers to reach across multiple devices with a single transaction. Right now, that mainly means desktop and mobile. Beyond that lies the hope of linking all video buying TV, desktop and mobile.

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