Publisher Finds Success with Digital Video

Publisher Finds Success with Digital Video

via Mental Floss

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. That fact should be promising to anyone with video content, especially if it’s interesting and engaging.

Mental Floss is one magazine that has experienced a lot of exposure through YouTube, reports

Mental Floss has taken to YouTube with a weekly segment called “The List Show.” According to the article, “It offers roughly eight-minute segments crammed with information to quote at cocktail parties, like “26 Amusing Facts About Amusement Parks” and, most recently, “25 Famous People Who Were Once Interns.”

Since its inception in winter of 2013, Mental Floss has received more than 81 million views on YouTube, an impressive feat, especially for publishers.

It seems that interesting, digestible video content is popular with viewers. Mental Floss presents lists, and other popular magazines like Make, present video content on do-it-yourself projects. If the content has value, it has the chance to become popular.

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