Pulse of Video Marketing: Jaguar Releases Promotional Film Online


shutterstock_77235205In an effort to promote the F-Type, Jaguar’s first new sports car in 50 years, the company has released a thirteen minute film featuring Homeland star Damian Lewis. The expensive ad has a polished cinematic feel that could convince someone who started watching half way through, that it’s a scene from a film rather than a commercial.

By design the length of the ad precludes it from being shown as a traditional TV commercial and so Jaguar posted it on YouTube where it has been watched more than 150,000 times in five days. With Desire, Jaguar joins the list of luxury brands whose global marketing operations have decided to bypass the restrictiveness of 30 second TV spots in favor of videos with extended run times, released exclusively online.  Chanel, Prada, and Cartier before Jaguar, have all felt that their brand would be better reflected by releasing longer videos on the web that become viral events which viewers seek out.

In marketing the short film, Jaguar has embraced the online medium because the company believes the way the film is distributed speaks to its message. George Bryant from Brooklyn Brothers, the company who created the film, said during an interview with Advertising Age that, “this audience is quick to see through marketing tricks, so we wanted to do something with inherent quality and we wanted to squeeze the unexpected out of it.”

What they have done with the commercial is what Jaguar has done with its F-Type; the car recalls classic Jaguar models, the commercial recalls old Bond and Cary Grant movies, while both are being rolled out in decisively modern ways. Through Twitter, Jaguar’s global marketing services even went so far as to release a 90 second trailer to build anticipation for the 13 minute finished product. Imagine that, creating an ad for a longer ad.

Video’s Global Potential

Like Jaguar, top global brands are expanding their use of video created specifically for the Web because of the branding and corporate communications potential. Now when a company posts a video online in a first language, they have the ability to use it to brand globally with the help of video localization features like translation and subtitling.

Not all videos will have the drama and narrative of Jaguar’s video, but the short film has shown the potential of the medium. As for average sized companies, they can concentrate on creating videos that are promotional and best demonstrate their thought leadership, then count on a translation service to extend their content’s global reach.


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