Questions for Facebook – Issues with Facebook Video?

Questions for Facebook – Issues with Facebook Video?

1. Buffering of videos taking interest out of us

While playing the Facebook videos, they are getting struck for some time and then playing again. What is the solution for this?

2. High-speed internet connections were also not able to solve the buffering problem with videos.

So, what are the requirements we need to with for uninterrupted play?

3. We don’t have any control over the player and felt impatient many times

The controlling buttons on player were totally disappears sometimes and left us in dilemma. What we have to do?

4. Switching to High definition was letting us to wait more than five minutes and playing from the start again

How can we watch in High definition, if it was always going start over again and again?

5.Controls is out of our control during video watch

The controls of player were disappearing when you want to watch the next video. So, how can we watch next one?

6.Managing copyrights was too difficult for us? Can you please suggest us?

7. You have provided good copyrights but, still, we are losing views as it took a day to approve.

Can you suggest us how can a creator can overcome this problem of losing view count?

8. There is no encouragement and support for a normal Facebook user as access was allowed to big Facebook users

How can a normal user get help and support in this aspect?

9.You are targeting on the giant brands and leaving the rest of the creators

How can Individual creators be benefited if you are looking for your own revenues?

10. If the platform was targeting only big brands and allowing complete access for them, then how can a startup companies and individual creators can use the videos and the platform?

Can anyone from Facebook Video Team answer these Questions?

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