Report: Mobile Video Viewing Growing … In the Home

Report: Mobile Video Viewing Growing … In the Home

By 2025 mobile video is expected to account for 20% of all video viewing, taking a chunk of share from both TV and PC-based broadband viewing, according to a report from The Diffusion Group (TDG).

But where that viewing on mobile devices takes place may be more interesting than the share itself.

“According to February 2015 TDG research, close to 80% of tablet viewing and 50% of smartphone viewing takes place in the home,” said TDG senior analyst Joel Espelien. “It’s less about ‘mobile viewing’ as commonly imagined and more about the individualization and personalization of TV itself.”

The report found that consumers are increasingly attached to their mobile devices, and that with high-speed mobile data services, more and more video apps, and the use of smaller screens as second home TVs, mobile video consumption has nowhere to go but up.

And this presents a challenge to TV industry stakeholders, Espelien said. They need to work harder on treating the second screen as if it’s the first. “The concept of ‘watching television’ is being redefined, transforming from a social medium characterized by groups of viewers sitting in front of the living room television, to an individual medium defined by solitary viewers watching programs on smaller, more personal devices such as tablets and smartphones,” he said.

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