Review of the Canon 1DC

By: Philip Bloom Reviews & Tutorials

These reviews are done for free for the community and take many days work. Anything donated via the VImeo Tip Jar is greatly appreciated and goes into doing more reviews, tutorials etc…Thanks!!

I will be providing some WETRANSFER links for more 4k native footage soon…please don’t judge any image quality form either the stream here or even the download…heavily compressed and of course not 4k. Will be on the soon to come blog post at

Another long review of one of most interesting cameras to come out recently, well since the Blackmagic Camera which was my last review. Are they competing cameras? Nope…both I think have very specific applications.

Is it worth the money though? After all this is a DSLR that thinks it’s a video camera. A first. Also the first DSLR to shoot 4k and it’s internally!

Thanks to Park Cameras, Olly Knights, Michelle and Harry Miller

Shot by James Miller and Philip Bloom
Presented, directed, edited by Philip Bloom

All music used listed in the credits courtesy of The Music Bed

Shot on the C300 and of course the 1DC

"Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser"

subscreve ✅

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