RigWheels DIY Camera Dolly Slider Track Wheels

RigWheels are a simple and sleek way to add motion to your images utilizing the support equipment that you may already own. Because RigWheels can mount directly to your camera rig or other support platform right out of the box, they are the easiest and most portable way for you to add smooth camera movement to your arsenal. RigWheels along with any nearby piece of pipe, glass, plexiglass, laminate, track or other smooth surface can give you the same seamless smooth motion as other options that cost hundreds more.

RigWheels Camera slider dolly wheels for smooth linear movement that fits in your pocket. The best camera accessory for your Canon 5d 7d HDSLR Rig. rigwheels.com

CORRECTION. please see correction on description of rail used for slider here. rigwheels.com/​rigwheels-can-run-inside-of-strut-channel/​


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