Rosanna Pansino: YouTube Is a Community, Not a Cage Match

Rosanna Pansino: YouTube Is a Community, Not a Cage Match

Rosanna Pansino bakes “Nerdy Nummies” on YouTube every Tuesday. Photo: Kevin Scanlon Photo by: Photo: Kevin Scanlon

If you’re looking for a nerdy baking project, look no further than Rosanna Pansino’s YouTube channel. The baking whiz has whipped up tons of themed-treats for her online audience. Recently, she was featured in YouTube’s star campaign, which highlighted online influencers who were making the biggest waves on the network. We spoke to Pansino—along with YouTuber’s Michelle Phan and Bethany Mota—about her journey. Here’s what else we learned.

Supporting Other YouTubers Is Important to Her

If you check out Pansino’s website, she frequently posts about other YouTubers’ success. She’s even got a snap on Instagram with Bethany Mota on the set of Dancing With the Stars. Pansino explained that unlike other careers, she never felt YouTube was a competitive space.

“I love being supportive of other YouTubers because I know how much work and dedication goes into building a channel, and I think that the community on YouTube is just so important because the viewers get to be a part of what you’re creating,” she said.

She’s Branching Out Past Baking

Don’t worry: Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies will continue. At the time of the interview, she claimed that she hadn’t missed 144 episodes straight. “Every Tuesday is going to continue, no breaks. We are just going to add more playlists and more projects to the channel. I’m really excited about it!” she said.

What kind of projects? Pansino was tight-lipped on the details but did add this cryptic clue: “I enjoy music and cooking and cartoons and many other things,” she said, laughing.

“Inspiration Comes From Everywhere”

Pansino said she spends about four to five days a week thinking up ideas and testing different recipes. She gets her ideas from movies she sees and comics she likes, or she’ll ask her parents for advice. “Inspiration comes from everywhere,” she said.

Working With Her Family Keeps Her Happy

While she enjoys all her videos, she has the best memories from ones that involve her family members. Her sister is a frequent guest star, but she especially remembers the one her Dad did with her. “He got to kind of come and be a part of my YouTube world for a day, and that was one of my favorite memories,” she explained.

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