The Secret Formula to Making Your Content Go Viral

The Secret Formula to Making Your Content Go Viral

It’d be difficult to find a company today that doesn’t have some sort of presence on the Internet. Advertising online is fast, cheap, and if done right, can be extremely effective.

However, it is still uncommon for a single Internet campaign to have the impact once associated with TV commercials and print media. This is largely due to the way “viewers” are engaged online.

Viewers of online content, unlike other advertising audiences, are active participants in how content is delivered and digested. They can comment (positively or negatively), “like”, forward, and share. This makes pleasing viewers especially important.

It also means that the way in which one distributes information about their business — when, where, to whom — can have a huge impact on how that information is perceived.

So, how does a company craft their content to have the greatest impact online, to go viral? The infographic below has some great tips on the subject.

It includes research from a number of sources to address how readers share content based on emotional response, formatting and time of publication. Many of the quoted studies suggest how these factors vary depending on where the content is published (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) and provide relevant “share statistics”.

If you’re in the business and want to say something to the internet, take your time, understand the psychology of your audience, and craft the perfect viral share.

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