Seeding & Lead Capturing for YouTube Videos (or any video platform)

Seeding & Lead Capturing for YouTube Videos (or any video platform)

jan 27

The Big Problem: Budget Dispersion

How does it feel knowing you’re wasting a lot of money on videos? As you know we’ve analyzed the behavior of 40 million people throughout more than 1 billion video views they have watched around the world along the last two quarters of 2013. And as your remember we found 1 big and cruel truth: both advertisers and publishers are wasting loads of money on videos! Here are some shocking facts we’ve found behind all this data: (check details here)

  • An average play rate of 11%, which means that 89% of the visits don’t convert into plays;

  • An average video viewability of 19%, that is, even when the video is played, 81% of the scenes are not seen;

  • On the best case, the target match rate was meager 2%, which means that advertisers are wasting at least 98% of their budget.

The Solution: Video Audience Platform

Thinking about this big problem OvermediaCast’s team have worked hard on this last Holidays Season in order to allow brand advertisers to avoid dispersion in terms of target, providing a definitive solution in partnership with big media groups, telcos and big players of the video market, enabling them to monetize their videos better.

Media groups and Telcos have a huge base of users and are offering it as packets of audiences for brand advertisers,  delivering messages to targeted audiences on their media channels. OvermediaCast enhances this kind of media services on two specific points:

  • All support for videos: all the infrastructure to support videos as media ads, including all video management services, as storage, encoding, streaming, publishing, etc. If brands want they can use YouTube videos (accounting the views there) or any other video platform.

    • Video Audience Intelligence: a robust Video Data Management Platform (Video DMP) that enables brands to capture and ingest all audience data in a scalable way from multiple platforms, and get back services and features that allows the data to be really used.

The use cases of our Video Audience Intelligence include:

  • Deeper Video Analytics with digital GRPs (Gross Rating Points) and metrics that map the engagement funnel

  • Lead capturing on videos, including personal data with direct contacts, social influence, demographics (gender, age, location), behaviors, habits and interests of each viewer in real-time
  • Social video applications in order to influence viewer’s friends, to engage audiences and to get first-party data safely

Check OvermediaCast on action!

As you can see, Brands and Media Partners can interact with OvermediaCast intelligence on two ways:

  • Reports: brands get insights in real-time from customized dashboards or reports that map the video engagement funnel and help advertisers to plan, buy and compare video campaigns across screens

  • Audience mining: brands dynamically define filters based on target and engagement, and get back results per target and a list of the most engaged viewers that are more likely to buy the product that are being promoted. These viewers can be contacted directly using 1:1 sales approach or they can be included on retargeting campaigns

The Results

The first results have shown that on average for each 10 people who visited a video empowered by OvermediaCast’s Video Intelligence, an additional of 3 more people come through our viral strategies (1.3x social lift). In some cases this number can be 2 to 5x greater.

Unlocking viewers behind the video views we helped brand advertisers to avoid dispersion on target, providing them a 20x lift in target match rate. On the other hand, we provided video publishers a 7 to 10x lift in video revenue using 3x less inventory. Moreover, our video publishers had an increase of 5% in their win rate in direct sales due to differentiation and transparency. From what we can conclude that OvermediaCast helped publishers to monetize their videos much better.

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