Setting Up Your YouTube Channel – A Step By Step Guide

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Here’s the deal: If you want to have a good presence online and/or grow your business then you need a YouTube channel. It’s super easy to shoot videos and then integrate them with your website, social networks, and your blog (if you have one.) YouTube will help boost all your other online endeavors and you REALLY need to make good use of it – it can’t be ignored! (Did I mention that I think its important? I created an entire free course on how important I think it is!)

Even if you don’t have a lot of video knowledge or don’t like the camera it won’t matter – you don’t have to worry with YouTube.

  • The account and the channel is very easy to setup and maintain
  • There’s no cost involved
  • You can start as a beginner and work your way up
  • There’s no need to buy any additional equipment
  • You don’t have to appear on camera if you don’t want

A Beginners Guide To Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

Getting your YouTube account setup isn’t rocket science. You’ll be so glad you did once you go through the steps detailed below. YouTube is kind of like having your very own dedicated television channel and you get to pick what goes on it! You really do have freedom to do whatever you want with your YouTube channel.

Step 1.  What Are Your YouTube Goals?

Think about what you want to do with your channel before you create it.

  • What is your main goal of the channel for your viewers?
  • Who will watch your videos and why?
  • What types of videos do you plan to make?
  • What skills or experience can you provide the viewers?
  • Do you plan to demonstrate or teach something?
  • What do you want the viewers to get out of your videos?
  • What proportion of your overall offering do you want the videos to be?
  • Do you want inspiration videos, video episodes, or highly professional videos for your viewers?

Top on your list needs to be the market that you plan to target your videos to. This should be one of your main goals as you need to know who is going to be interested in your videos so you can get these people to your content. This should be one of the main visions for your channel and you should spend a lot of time on it because this is worth the investment.

Step 2.  Giving Your Channel a Name

You need to have your data ready before you start to setup. YouTube has some setup wizards. That will make the entire process easy for you.

One important first step is the name of your channel and if you name it right this can help grow your traffic to the channel. You will have the leg up on your closest competitors with a properly named channel.

You need to make up your mind what you want to brand with your YouTube videos.

  • This could be you as an expert in your particular niche
  • It might be your business or industry
  • It could be just your overall niche that you brand

YouTube is easy to access with your Gmail account because Google and YouTube are linked together now as Google own YouTube. You cаn use your password and Gmail address to access YouTube.

It’s easy to get a Gmail account if you sign up with YouTube if you don’t already have one.

Step 3. Signup with Google Gmail

1.     Click the blue “sign in” button on YouTube which is at the upper-right corner of the computer screen.  This opens a new page and you can sign in with Gmail or you’ll get a red button to create a new Gmail account:


2.     You can just sign in if you already have a Gmail account. Click the “Create An Account” button if you don’t have one which will create a Google account as well as anew Gmail address.

You can have specific email addresses for each YouTube channel if you plan to have more than one.


TIP:  If your name is already taken, just add “TV” or something else to the end of your name to create a new address but still use your name. You can do this if the name is just going to be used for YouTube emails.

Complete your Gmail setup process by using the right-hand widget. If you add your mobile number you’ll get a call from Google to verify you.

Once the account is created you’ll return to the home page for YouTube where you can just sign in.

3.     Your name and avatar appear at the top right hand page once you have signed into YouTube. Your photograph won’t appear just yet if the account is brand new.
4.     Click the blank avatar or photo, and pick “My channel” from the menu there.


5.     A template for a blank channel opens up. Click on “Channel Settings” located in the top-left menu.


You don’t have to customize your channel at this time. You can easily do it later if you want. Here are the basics of editing and customizing your channel.

6.     You cаn start with appearance when customizing your channel. Change the background by clicking on the tab.

There are three options for customizing the background section of your Channel:

  • You can upload a custom background file in .JPG or .PNG format
  • Select  a color from the Color Selector
  • Enter your website or blog background color, by using the HTML code like #088A85, for example.


By creating a background, this will help with your overall branding.

7.     Click the settings and info tab as you have other sections. Included a targeted description for your viewers and use your keyword tags here too.


If you click the edit hyperlink for your profile this takes you to your Google Profile. From here you can:

  • Add a minimum 250 X 250 pixels photograph
  • Put your tagline there
  • Highlight your top achievements
  • Put your work history and URLs you own
  • Make your search for more visibility

There are other things you can do with your profile too.


8.    Click done editing to finish working on your profile and go back to your YouTube account by steps 1 and 3. You can also just click the channel window which will still be open and just refresh the pages which is easier.

Step 4. Customizing Your YouTube URL

On important step is customizing your own YouTube URL.  Once you do this people go straight to your Channel where all your videos are long as they click on your new customized URL or type this into their browser.

1.     Click the “Edit” button underneath your Channel URL


Once you click “Edit”, you’ll get a new window.  Replace the random numbers created with the channel name you want.


2.     Hit the “Create Channel URL”.

Step 5. Customizing Your Overall Options for the Display

Click on “Tabs” where you can choose in how you want to share your videos.

1.     First thing to do: Change the default “Allow channel comments” setting to “Don’t display until approved.”

You don’t want people leaving obscene or ignorant comments, which can happen if you allow comments that are unapproved.


2.     Look at the other options and decide which ones to use for your business.

Click “Done editing” once you’re finished with everything.

Step 6. Upload Your Video

Now you get to upload your first video.  You few options for this and the Video Manager is where you can manage your videos.

1.     Click your profile photo and pick “Video Manager” from the menu.  The Video Manager is basically your YouTube Dashboard, so understand it because you’ll use it often.


2.     There are lots of options here such as “Analytics”.  Once you have a lot of videos you can view them with thumbnails.  Editing is done right from your Video Manager.  But it’s empty right now because you have no videos. To upload a video press the green “Upload” button located at the top-right.


3.     Press the red “Upload” button.


A new window will open.

4.     Select the video from your computer and be sure to add in the details.

I talk about the different types of videos you can create in my Free Video Course, but some important information includes:

  • A strong video title (think keywords)
  • Direct and short description targeted at your viewers (use keywords here, too)
  • The tags that describe your video (more keywords!)
  • A corresponding category


Pick the category that’s best for you.  Think where your viewer might search.


5.     You’ll see a sign that your video has been saved in the in the bottom right hand corner. Once you see this you can view or add more videos.


And that’s it – the video is now uploaded!  You can now view the video in your new channel. I told you setting up your YouTube Channel wouldn’t be as difficult as you thought. Check out my YouTube Starter Pack for more information on making your channel the best it can possibly be!

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