By: The Animation Workshop

An animated short film by: Nicole Gallagher, Marie M. T. Tørslev

A rebellious sheep seeks vengeance on an unprepared wolf. Even though he is well prepared for battle, tempering with the natural order of the food chain is a dangerous venture.

By: Nicole Gallagher, Marie M. T. Tørslev
Director, Graphics, Storyboard, Compositing, Editing: Nicole Gallagher
Producer: Michelle Nardone
Script: Nicole Gallagher, Morten Seung Enevoldsen
Background: Marie M. T. Tørslev
Animation: Morten Seung Enevoldsen, Nicole Gallagher, Sarah-Mia T. Nielsen, Bettina Ostersen, Tore Poulsen, Lars Kristian Løveng Sunde, Ronnie Vilhelmsen
Music/sound: Mathias Winum, Thomas Almark

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