Simply Irresisitible: The Imminent Rise of Personal Video

Simply Irresisitible: The Imminent Rise of Personal Video



Dianna Bai

What was once the exclusive territory of YouTube is now as ubiquitous as a tweet, an Instagram post or a Facebook status update.

We’re talking about those viral-ready, short-but-sweet video clips of pets caught in action, pranks that spark a LOL moment, shutterstock_155222261babies being impossibly adorable and every possible human experience that can be captured in a 6 to 30 second video.

But it wasn’t until this year that short-form videos exploded into the mainstream. Between the skill it takes to shoot a video on a camcorder and the time and expertise needed to edit the footage to create a watchable piece, video was once considered too tedious and time-consuming to be a fun, everyday habit.

The rising popularity of short form video means that people are sharing personal moments with more depth. Perhaps it can now even be considered an alternative to a photo upload or a status update—serving as a glimpse into something fun, important or memorable.

A recent study conducted by Gigaom Research makes the case that personal video is poised to take-off in the coming years. Here’s why:

1. Smartphones are running the world

There’s a smartphone user around every corner – and every smartphone user can essentially become a videographer. According to the Gigaom report, “Virtually every smartphone and tablet is now capable of taking videos. Smartphone adoption has crossed 50 percent in the US, with overall global shipment on a similar pace.”

Coupled with the capability to capture, edit with one touch and upload a video, these trends are paving the way for short-form personal videos to become an irresistible medium. It’s expected to rival, if not match, the popularity of photo sharing.

2. Video apps are making it cool to share video

Thanks to applications like Vine and Keek, consumers also have popular platforms that encourage social sharing of their personal videos. Instagram, too, has added a video feature to its photo feed, giving its 160 million users the ability to share video. These applications make it easier for anyone to capture authentic scenes in one’s life. Sure, there are those who choose use complicated editing and mixing loops, but most people just want a glimpse of life, theirs and everyone else’s. The ability to apply filters with the touch of a button gives more and more people a compelling reason to share a piece of their lives to the world.

3. You can take and share videos on the go

The inherent portability to the technology makes it even more popular. “Apps catering to short-form videos currently dominate the free iOS and Android Google Play app charts,” the Gigaom study reports.

Options for sharing are also immediate. According to the Gigaom research, “If consumers capture video that’s worth sharing, they’d typically like to do it on the spot, i.e., from their smartphones, with a few clicks to edit or enhance it. For many, the delay of transferring video footage to a computer for editing in specialized programs and sharing from there is no longer a viable option.”

4. It’s no longer video vs. photo

It also helps that consumers, specifically smartphone users, no longer have to choose between recording a video or taking a photo. Today’s newer smartphones allow you to shoot a video and take a picture at the same time and new apps allow you to extract high-resolution images from a series of video frames. This means it’s just as easy to capture a few seconds of a concert or a short phrase from an important speech as it is to snap a photograph of a particular scene.

As the technology behind this visual medium continues to evolve, short-form video can only grow to become a rich multimedia platform on which consumers as well as businesses can share and communicate.

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