Why Your Small Business Needs Content Marketing

Why Your Small Business Needs Content Marketing

What is Smart Content Marketing?

Consider this: Your prospect has a problem that they need to solve. They are searching for a solution. Along the way they keep encountering intrusive ads, cold calls and unwanted emails that are fighting to get their attention. They didn’t ask for this, so they ignore them.

They begin researching solutions to their problem. They come across answers to their issues online. They visit a webpage from a company that provides a free Ebook that addresses their problem. They download it and find the content to be so valuable that they contact the company to learn more.

This scenario demonstrates how smart content marketing works to provide value that builds trust and leads to conversions.

Smart Content Marketing Begins With Your Buyer’s Journey

It starts with your buyer’s journey. If you’ve got valuable content that solves your prospect’s problem and make this content easily discoverable then you can make it to the short list of your buyer’s journey. Your mission is to create content that fulfills their needs at each step along their journey and motivates them to take action and move on to the next phase.

Here’s what you must know

  1. Understand your audience. This cannot be emphasized enough. Know who is buying your product or service. What is their story. Put together a profile so you can get to know them better. Know what their pressing issues, needs and problems are. You will need to know this before you begin to develop effective content throughout their journey. This is the basis of identifying your target market. You will be able to test any idea against your prospect’s profile and decide whether or not your content would help convince them to buy from you.
  2. Assess your content distribution channels. The biggest mistake business people make is to create content then explore the best places to distribute it. If you know your prospect’s profile then it’s worth taking the time to find out where they hang out to get information and resources to solve their problems. It’s also important to find out what type of information they are looking for and how they like their content – entertainment, education, discussion, etc. Find out what types of information they prefer – video, audio, visual, blog posts, Ebooks, etc. What is their favorite tone – newsy, entertaining, educational, etc.
  3. Choose topics that tie in with their business goals. These could be: topics related to their industry; their customers’ most frequently asked questions; hot topics or trends in their industry; how to’s and tutorials, commentaries on the news and current events, and lists that highlight a specific insight.
  4. Focus on delivering value. Be prepared to offer value before trying to close a deal. This builds trust. There is a fine line between strong content that motivates viewers to take action but not to oversell them by showcasing your products. If you create content that connects with people in search of answers, your leads and sales will come easily.
  5. Find creative ways to promote your content. This is also important to do before you get started. In order for your content to get discovered, it must be optimized for organic searches; optimized to share on social media and optimized so that it directs prospects throughout their buyer’s journey. Distribute your content throughout social media channels that are meaningful to your prospect. Send it to the influencers in your industry. Offer it to your social networking groups that appeal to your prospect and more.

Your Takeaway Tip

A highly effect content marketing strategy requires a plan from start to finish. Before you begin your plan, spend some time getting to know your prospect. Study who they are and where they like to go online. This will help you target your content to meet their needs and become found by the people that you want to attract.

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