Snapchat Vertical Video Giant [Study]

Snapchat Vertical Video Giant [Study]

Vertical video become the most desirable format by the advertisers today. Even many smart phones are designed for the both horizontal and vertical viewing and you may observe that majority of people love to watch the video in a horizontal fashion. But, with the increase in the video watching behaviors, even the users felt uncomfortable to rotate their screen to vertical to horizontal and horizontal to vertical to watch the next videos. but, the vertical video revolution was started with the Snapchat messaging app which allows the vertical ads and the videos in the application.

With this impact, the apps like #Meerkat and #periscopes which are well known for live streaming also allows the vertical video formats only. With the increase in the usage of vertical video, even the large platforms like Youtube is also planning the vertical video viewing format for its users too. It is also noticed and revealed in a survey that the vertical videos had nine times more engagement levels than the horizontal form of videos. this makes the brands to get focused completely on to the vertical video viewing.

The main issue with the vertical videos on the mobile devices is the large black space that covers the screen on both the up and down on the screen which shorts the video size on the screen.

The company was stood firmly about the vertical video and it was confident about its future vertical video and also announced a partnership with the well known advertising agency for the development of its plan. May be we can expect some developments in vertical video from the other platforms too in future.

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