Snapchat’s Significant Growth as a Video Platform [Study]

Snapchat’s Significant Growth as a Video Platform [Study]

The minimum age of the users on Snapchat is 18 years and majority of the users are between the 13 years to 25 years also. Numbers of teen users are very high on Snapchat. It has more than 399 million users per month as an average. The platform was filled with majority of Youngsters as it was revealed that more than 71 percent students are posting the Snapchat across the world. Snap chat focused on the users privacy as main and it is one of the most attractive feature as one can manage their privacy on the platform while sharing the pictures or video content etc.

Snapchat was Growing as a Top Video Platform

Snapchat is a US based messaging application which is the destination for brands and advertisers as the platform is advertiser friendly. The ad performance of Snapchat on mobile is very good and many brands are making their choice towards the Snapchat for their brand advertising as it is a comfortable platform. More than 4 billion views are recorded everyday on the videos posted on Snapchat application. This is the great evidence to say that Snapchat is growing with a standard position on the web across the globe. Many people in US like to read the Snapchat live stories rather than watching TV, this indicates the interest of the people on Snapchat.

The advertisements on the Snapchat application are played in full screen mode and majority of users like to watch the ads too. This made several brands and companies switched to the Snapchat marketing with the videos. Hence we can say, Snapchat was growing with its best features which are attracting marketers, brands and users across the web.

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