Snickers Shows YouTubers Are Not YouTubers When They’re Hungry

Snickers Shows YouTubers Are Not YouTubers When They’re Hungry

Snickers launched its “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign during Super Bowl 2010 with a TV commercial that featured Betty White. It was a big hit on YouTube. In fact, 52 different versions of the commercial (i.e. copies) have accumulated 1.6 million views over the past five years.

Ironically, none of these 52 copies of the Snickers Betty White commercial currently appear on the official SnickersBrand channel on YouTube. The channel was created back in March 2009, so the most likely explanation is that Snickers didn’t negotiate the global digital rights and/or a talent release that allowed the brand to publish its own commercial on YouTube for more than a limited period of time. Nevertheless, does the brand still benefit even if it can’t leverage a popular video to generate subscribers to its YouTube channel or drive traffic to its website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed?

To get an answer to this question, let’s take a look at the brand’s ad for Super Bowl 2015, which is entitled, “Snickers – The Brady Bunch.” This video has been viewed 14.3 million times, liked on YouTube 20,000 times, shared to Facebook 64,000 times, and tweeted 6,465 times:

So, did this popular video help the SnickersBrand channel? Well, “The Brady Bunch” was published on Jan. 29, 2015, and is the most watched video on the channel. In addition, the SnickersBrand channel has added 5,555 new subscribers in the past 90 days, which is more than half of the 10,993 total subscribers to the channel. And a look at TubularLabs’s Growth Graphs for the channel shows that views and subscribers spiked a day or two after “The Brady Bunch” was published:

So, why is doubling the number of subscribers to the SnickersBrand channel in 90 days such a significant accomplishment? Well, the YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands says, “By subscribing to a channel, users will see that channel’s activity in their homepage feed.” This will enable Snickers to generate views for future videos without have to spend as much on advertising and promotion. The Creator Playbook for Brands also says, “Our internal data show that when subscribers view your content, they watch for twice as long as users who watch your content but are not subscribed to your channel”. And as every ReelSEO reader knows, Watch Time is YouTube’s #1 ranking factor.

You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

Which brings us to the latest variation on the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign. The folks at Snickers call it the “You’re Not YouTube” campaign and it was launched earlier this month in eight countries and includes 13 popular “how-to” vloggers on YouTube. In each video, it’s clear something is wrong as the usually sure-footed hosts appear completely off their game.

For example, F2Freestylers – Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel in the U.K. put together “Learn To Beat The Defender”. The video, which was published April 7, 2015, already has been viewed 320,000 times, liked on YouTube 17,000 times, shared to Facebook 28 times, and tweeted 206 times.

Meanwhile, Unbox Therapy in Canada tried to get into a “Worldwide Exclusive?” According to Tubular Labs, this video, which was published April 7, 2015, already has been viewed 260,000 times, liked on YouTube 20,000 times, shared to Facebook 132 times, and tweeted 654 times.

Finally, Miss Jessica Harlow, who makes beauty tutorials, provides fashion advice, offers makeup tips, and creates motivational videos in the U.S., threw together “TUTORIAL – How to Let Yourself Go!” This video, which was published on April 2, 2015, already has been viewed 185,000 times, liked on YouTube 295 times, shared to Facebook 50 times, and tweeted 62 times.

Now, the Creator Playbook for Brands says collaboration is one of the 10 fundamentals of a content strategy on YouTube. But the SnickersBrand channel isn’t really leveraging the success of the “You’re Not YouTube” campaign.

3 Ways Snickers Could Further Optimize its New Video Campaign on YouTube

#1 For starters, the folks managing the SnickersBrand channel could create one or more Playlists featuring the videos created by the 13 popular “how-to” vloggers. You can create playlists using your own videos, other videos, or a combination of both. In addition to the “You’re Not YouTube” videos, Snickers could curate other good brand-advocating videos (reviews, testimonials, etc.) created by their community.

#2 The folks managing the SnickersBrand channel could curate and present the videos created by the 13 popular “how-to” voggers in one or more Sections. The Browse tab of your Channel is yours to curate and Sections can contain a single playlists, multiple playlists, or videos.

#3 Finally, the folks managing the SnickersBrand channel could also choose to promote the 13 popular “how-to” vloggers on its channel page in Featured Channels. Since Snickers is promoting a large number of channels, the brand can rotate through the list using the “shuffle” feature. This ensures all 13 popular “how-to” vloggers get visibility.

In conclusion, Snickers has taken two giant steps forward this year by publishing its Super Bowl ad on its own channel and working with YouTubers who already have large audiences. However, the brand is leaving money on the table. Maybe the folks managing the SnickersBrand channel aren’t themselves when they’re hungry.

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