So, it looks like Twitter is making its own food videos now

So, it looks like Twitter is making its own food videos now


Media producers of how-to-make-tacos content beware: It looks like Twitter could be making its own food video play.

On Tuesday local time, Australian celebrity chef Adam Liaw shared a video of himself deboning a chicken at Twitter’s Sydney HQ. On Wednesday, he shared another showing the world how to butterfly prawns.

Although Liaw shared the video on his feed, it was heavily branded by Twitter, complete with a giant blue bird lurking over the chef’s shoulder and a nod to @TwitterFood, Twitter’s food channel. The videos were also retweeted by @TwitterFood and @TwitterAU.

Thanks to Liaw’s work with Twitter, his recipe videos got to be more than 2 minutes long. Typically, a video posted on the platform can only have a length of 30 seconds.

Although Twitter often posts videos of interviews with celebrities in its Australian Blue Room or uses Periscope to host live videos with touring bands, full-length cooking video they’ve independently produced are few and far between.

While Facebook feeds are now covered with mini burger how-to videos made by Tasty, which belongs to BuzzFeed, Twitter looks to be pushing into the space.

If more people discover Liaw’s dragon and phoenix longevity noodles recipe, that’s only good for the world. But if Twitter gets into making its own recipe videos, food content producers will need to watch out for their new, rather large competitor.

Twitter Australia has been contacted for comment.

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