Social Studios Turns Facebook Into A TV Show

Los Angeles and Israel-based startup Social Studios has teamed up with actress Noa Tishby and launched an Entertainment Tonight-like Social TV show that features videos, status updates and photos from your Facebook timeline.

socialstudios 500x330 Social Studios Turns Facebook Into A TV Show

“Your Show” is a Facebook app for a Google Chrome browser to interface with the user’s account. Tishbi presents the prominent statuses, pictures, and video clips by Facebook friends alongside birthdays.

Anat Amibar, CEO of Social Studios explains:

“Your Show is like ‘Entertainment Tonight’ meets Facebook. It’s a show starring you and your friends, produced from your Facebook feed. There’s a brewing fight for domination on the big screen in the living room and social media companies, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have not yet delivered a compelling video experience. We aim to solve this by creating the first ever social media TV shows.”

Here’s the company’s video demo:

You can make your own TV-show here, make sure to use Google Chrome.

My opinion?
I like the idea, but I’m a bit disappointed with the result. We have seen better productions here at ViralBlog.

A big downside is that you have to use Google Chrome to watch the video, and also it doesn’t seem to work (yet) on tablets or mobile devices. It feels a bit like a Google Chrome promotion…

Your Show is in my opinon a nice half-hearted attempt at turning your Facebook account into a TV-show, but the effort won’t go unnoticed.




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