Solution Guide Helps CMOs Find Balance Between TV and Digital

Solution Guide Helps CMOs Find Balance Between TV and Digital

Consider this an essential download for any marketers who run campaigns on both TV and digital video. The CMO Club, a community of senior marketing executives, has released The CMO Solution Guide to the Future of TV and Digital Video. If you don’t have it yet, you need it.

Where should marketers put their brand messages? Will customers continue to watch ad-supported TV? The average time spent watching live TV is already falling. Making the wrong decision about where to place campaigns could lead to brand obsolescence, the report cautions. After surveying over 80 senior marketers from such major brands as La Quinta Hotels, Papa John’s, and PopChips, the CMO Club has released a guide to finding the right balance between TV and digital video.Here are a few stats from the CMO Club’s survey:

  • Digital spending comprised 10 percent of ad budgets 3 years ago, and is 24 percent today. It will grow to 36 percent 3 years from now.
  • While 54 percent of CMOs use digital video to supplement TV campaigns as a holistic strategy, 31 percent align their TV and digital advertising budgets. 52 percent admit they have different expectations for each platform.
  • Three-quarters of surveyed CMOs measure campaign reach the same way for TV and digital video
  • Only a third of CMOs believe that Nielsen will be the foundation of their reach metrics in the future.

“The findings of this report are illuminating. It’s not TV vs. digital video, it’s about TV and digital video, both today and for the foreseeable future,” says Pete Krainik, founder of the CMO Club. “This solution guide is a unique perspective from a range of CMOs and seeks to provide senior marketers with a roadmap to help them navigate the relatively uncharted territory of digital video.”

TV delivers reach, but digital video delivers depth, the report finds, as it offers a five-step plan for effectively using both together.

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