How Do You Start a New YouTube Channel?

How Do You Start a New YouTube Channel?

Patron Jason Resnick is curious about my process when starting a new YouTube channel. You can become a Patron, as well, and receive priority when answering questions here on the blog or in a video!

Chris, when you are toying around with the idea of a new channel, content topic, or value add in general, do you have a process to test it, or just jump in and see what happens?

I usually just jump in – which, in my experience, is the best way to do something.

And, I might add, that my experiments over the years usually turn out to be more engaging over time than the content I’ve tried to produce on a more regular basis!

Sometimes, you just don’t know until you give it a shot – and while it’s good to accommodate feedback, you should also remember that there are more people you didn’t ask.

Follow your passions, follow what’s fun, follow what gets you excited.

For example, LEGO. Now, I realize that not everybody who knows I exist likes LEGO – but that doesn’t stop me from liking it, talking about it, sharing it, or doing content around it.

And even though most people who might know me don’t like LEGO, my LEGO videos track better over time than any of the videos our current-core community know me for!

So, that tells me… I gotta keep pushing to expand the community rather than deny a part of myself and a great chance of doing things I know others will love in turn.

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