Study: 64 percent of consumers purchase after watching online videos

Study: 64 percent of consumers purchase after watching online videos

Video content and social media continue to make a perfect match.A new study confirms what marketers have understood for the past few years: In the game of content marketing, video is king.

New findings from Animoto’s “State of Social Video 2017” report show that 83 percent of marketers think their Facebook video content will drive purchases. A majority of consumers (64 percent) admit making a purchase after watching a Facebook video in the last month.

More than half of consumers (60 percent) watch a branded video on Facebook every day. As you might suspect, most social media video views (84 percent) takes place on mobile devices.

These stats highlight three digital marketing truths:

1. There’s a ton of noise online. It’s becoming harder to cut through it and make an impact on consumers’ behavior. It’s PR and marketing pros’ responsibility—now more than ever—to create engaging, high-quality content.

2. Video is effective. Communicators are far past the days where we sat around and wondered whether social posts were having an affect on sales and marketing efforts. Considering that 64 percent of those who saw a branded Facebook video were inspired to make a purchase, the video trend is here to stay. Its content form might change, but it’s not going anywhere.

3. Your creative process must be mobile-first. It’s a subtle shift, but if you or your creative teams aren’t already thinking terms of how effectively a piece of content will be consumed via mobile devices, make the mindset shift immediately.


Here are a few more takeaways from the Animoto study:

47 percent of brand managers publish at least four branded videos each month.
92 percent of brand managerss repurpose content and information that is published as branded video content.
81 percent of brand managers optimize social video content for mobile devices.
67 percent of marketers say they’ve paid to boost a social video within the past year.

How are you using video in your digital marketing efforts?

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