STUDY: Americans Watch A LOT of Digital Video Every Day

STUDY: Americans Watch A LOT of Digital Video Every Day

A story in Re\code this morning confirmed the obvious: Netflix doesn’t just want to defeat HBO, it wants to conquer television altogether.

A survey conducted by the helpful people at eMarketer tells us why Reed Hastings and company might just succeed: Americans spend more time consuming content than ever, and the numbers, at least on the digital side, are only going to rise in the immediate future.

Here’s the key chart: note the decline in old-school TV as an overall portion of our content consumption habits.

Now remember our Monday post about Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm?

One of the reasons that news was so important is that, while mobile viewing is rising, TV is on the decline while laptop/desktop use is flat…and let’s not even mention print.


These stats represent a real opportunity for PR in part because “traditional” advertising hasn’t caught up with behavioral trends:

“US advertisers will allocate just 4.4% of all spending, or $7.77 billion, to digital video ads, even though consumers are now spending nearly 11% of their media time watching video on digital devices.”

In other words, we’re watching more stuff than ever before — and digital, mobile-friendly media is the future. That’s why YouTube is so bullish in promoting its own army of influencers.

Check out the full study here.

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