Surprise Endings Increase Video Sharing

Surprise Endings Increase Video Sharing : Toby’s Creator Tip #166)

There is a very simple tip you can use to get your video shared on social media – it’s so simple that it’s a surprise how often that it gets overlooked by many creators, brands, and video marketers. Creating video content that viewers want to share on their social networking feeds is a fantastic way of building visibility for your YouTube channel. Social media sites likes Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Pinterest attract huge numbers of users, and being shared on those sites is invaluable if you want to reach a potential new audience. But what is the best way to get viewers to share your videos?

How to Get Viewers to Share Videos Across Social Media

We all know that the viewers’ attention is won or lost in the first 15 seconds of any video. If we want to hook that viewer and compel them to watch the rest of the clip, those first few seconds need to be as engaging as possible. For instance, with our Creator’s Tip videos, we always introduce the content first, before the bumper appears, so that the viewer knows what is coming. If they are interested, then they will happily sit through those first 15 seconds to watch the main event. Producing the videos this way has increased the Watch Time for the ReelSEO YouTube channel, and also increased the average viewing retention rates for our content.

But, the end of your video should also be very strong, ideally giving the viewer a reason to want to share it with others. If your video ends on a high note, or has an unexpected twist, viewers are more likely to want to share it.

How Cardstore’s Mother’s Day Tribute Went Viral With a Surprise Ending

An excellent example of this strategy is Cardstore’s viral hit, ‘The World’s Toughest Job‘. No clue as to the content of the video was given either in the title, or in the description. Viewers watched real candidates being interviewed for a position where they were told to expect no salary, vacations, and working hours upwards of 135 hours per week. It’s only 3 minutes into the 4 minute video that we are told the position is actually that of a ‘mom’, and the viewer gets to empathize with the candidates as the realization of the role that moms play hits home. The video, created for Mother’s Day 2014, hit such a chord with viewers that it has generated 22 million views. As for social media, the video attracted 1,847,212 Facebook shares, and 39,560 Twitter shares.

Video Sharing Tip Takeaway

Hook the viewer in the first few seconds of the video so they are more inclined to watch the clip the whole way through. Then end on a powerful, or surprising, note so the viewer feels compelled to share with their friends and family.

What suggestions, tips, and ideas do you have for getting viewers to share your content with their friends and family? Let us know in the comments below.

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