Technicolor CineStyle – Canon 7D – Color Grading Test

By: Alex Dimitriadis

Original footage shot on a Canon 7D with the new Technicolor Cinestyle picture style for Canon dslr’s (1280×720 50p – Canon 50mm 1.4)

Stage 1: Footage slow down to 50% and then 10% by using Twixtor plug-in for After Effects CS5.
Stage 2: Masked the eyes in AE CS5 and adjusted levels and boosted color vibrance.
Stage 3: Applied Technicolor CineStyle LUT to original RAW Technicolor footage.
Stage 4: Rotoscoped the subject from the background in AE CS5 and then adjusted levels to give a HDR look, also applied Red Giant’s DeNoise plug-in.
Stage 5: Made final color correction in Apple Color.

Final movie edited in Apple Final Cut Pro.

Music By: Blackbird Blackbird

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