TEDxVancouver – Shahrzad Rafati – You are what you watch .

Shahrzad Rafati discusses the importance of seeing the good in people, how we are what we choose to watch for videos, and its impact.


Rafati discusses the importance of choosing what you watch, utilizing a curation tool as a viewing ‘butler’, and the power of video as a power of choice in helping you to become the change that you want to see in the world. She says that we should all watch more tv…but more of the good TV. Then she introduces VisoGive. Every time that you watch a video, the cause that you watch receives a portion of the ad proceds

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Shahrzad Rafati

Photograph by John Keatley

“You’re not going to stop piracy,” says Shahrzad Rafati. “Fans think of themselves as fans who just want to share a great Kobe dunk.” Rafati, who moved from Tehran to Vancouver in 2000 to study computer science, founded BroadbandTV to “take the fear out of the web” for content owners like Warner Bros., Sony, EA, and the NBA. Her technology identifies copyrighted content not just on YouTube but everywhere a user might upload video, then sells ads against it and shares the revenue with the owner. “We’ve claimed and monetized hundreds of thousands of videos for the NBA over the last two years,” Rafati says.


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